How it started…

SMT started operating in the years 2000. And After a decade of excellence, SMT has now become No 1 brand in Pakistan. Because of the high quality,standard and serving it has now considered one of the leading brands in Pakistan. SMT produces the most supreme and superior product range in the market today. SMT provides customers with wide variety of world class products which have successfully pleased many costumers and users all around the Pakistan. We have become trend setter and have pave way for many other companies, which now try to follow our footstep. More then one thousand shopkeepers all over Pakistan have been vigorously selling SMT products. We are now the symbol of trust and confidence among the nationwide users. With the success of our products SMT now leading and introducing new products and items in their inventory. Our experienced sales team had built up a worldwide sales network for our company, with fast and efficient service, plus a name brand have helped our old and new customers to market. To keep improving our products quality and aim to be the best level in the congener products is our direction. This is the reason that old customers and new customers are satisfied with our products. The unsurpassed quality and reliability of these power tools and other products are made possible by the Company’s strong R & D capabilities. This has earned SMT products the trust of customers worldwide. SMT Products:Adhesive products, cutting and grinding disc, cutting tools, hand tools, measuring tapes, TCT blades, Welding Material.

Our Success

Our mission is to provide customers with innovative state of the art products; this is as a commitment to decent cooperation, quality, reliability, and good service. With over 13 years experience in the tool industry between them we can offer you the right tool at the right price. We pride them on stocking only quality tools with a high level of backup service, spare parts and accessories to compliment the impressive tool range. Keeping up with the world keenly observing and interpreting even the minutest part of the requirements in every nook and corner of the industrial and trading market of the country, we determined to fulfill those needs. Strenuous and persevere efforts are needed to meet such variety of demands. It is the dynamic spirit of our company that has put its full efforts and resources to work and service to achieve the goals.